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I've been posting a lot of 'Vegan Tastes of' about my travels across country. I'm frequently asked how hard it is, or if it's even possible to travel often and still choose healthy, plant-based options. While driving across the country I found that I could talk servers at any restaurant and still be able to make a healthy, filling, vegan meal out of any menu! As long as you have access to some grains, legumes (beans/lentils), fruits and vegetables you can follow a vegan diet.

Here are some examples of what I was able to find at restaurants most people would never assume had vegan options that were healthy and delicious!

Vegan at Ikea:

Vegan at Denny's (you can ask for a veggie skillet without oil, and they also have a vegan burger!):

Vegan at Wendy's (plain sweet or regular potatoes make a great snack or breakfast!):

Vegan at Tim Horton's

Vegan at a gas station (gas stations often have fresh fruit options that are a quick breakfast or snack- I found mango):

Vegan Anywhere! No matter what type of restaurant we found I was able to make a salad from different items on the menu. Scope out the menu and ask them if they can take ingredients from different dishes to create a healthy salad for you- most places are more than willing to accomodate you if you speak up!

Scott and I are traveling this weekend and this is what we were able to find in dry goods from the grocery store- all oil free and vegan!

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