Leading by Example

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My advice is always to lead by example. I find that is the best way to inspire real change in others. I've tried other methods in the past, including shoving information down someone's throat, but none of it worked as well as merely being a positive example.

But there are other ways you can inspire change, beyond being your beautiful self.

If you are passionate about our lifestyle, there are ways to get the information out there without being preachy or scaring people off.

vegan sweet potato quesadillas on a white plate

Try taking a HH recipe (or other healthy, plant-based dish) into work, or church or your knitting club. (Desserts and baked goods are always a safe bet). After everyone raves about it, point out about how healthy it was. They'll be busy saying "I can't believe it's vegan!" or "I can't believe that was whole wheat and fat-free!"

Another idea -- and this came to me from a Herbie -- is to post pictures online.

Kristyn said, "I've been taking pictures of some of my meals and posting them to show my friends that I eat delicious meals. I've had a lot of good responses and of course the meat lovers like to challenge me. If you're up to it, post pic of your meals on your page to show how easy it is to be vegan!"

This is such a great idea -- post pictures to your facebook, twitter or other social media account showing all the amazing, mouth-watering meals you're eating.

You can even keep it very neutral by saying things like "dinner tonight" or "lunch was so good, I loved it!" You don't have to be political.

Another option is to invite someone over for dinner and cook them a great plant-based meal. Or maybe have a movie night and show Vegucated, Forks Over Knives or another documentary like King Corn, which is free on Hulu.

Or just keep being you. Keep leading by example. It does encourage change!

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