Happy Herbivore Across America

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

Chris Dornan had a great idea yesterday -- "I think you should take a road trip across the states and have people host you, where they can invite friends/family over and spend a day learning how to cook/eat/live the herbivore way!"

Lindsay and Scott standing on a sidewalk looking at the camera

I'm really excited about Happy Herbivore Across America! Anyone interested in hosting us (Scott, me, pugs!) in June?

A few quick questions:

1. Are you okay being photographed or on camera? (We'd like to blog about the experience)

2. Is it okay if I, Scott & the pugs stay the night (we're fine with the floor!) - but we want to ask; we'd hate to show up only to find out you're allergic to dogs.

If both are a "yes" let us know if you have any dates where you're NOT available and hopefully we'll see you soon! email Lindsay[ayt]happyherbivore[dot]com

Two black pugs on leashes in the grass

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