Another Vegan Taste of Austin

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The last time I was in Austin we loved Kerby Lane so much that I wanted to go back there. I've been twice - first for breakfast and then for dinner. The vegan pancake of the day the first time was cherry, which I was skeptical about, but it was genius! Like having cherry pie with my pancake.

vegan cherry pancakes

I also had their black bean tacos!

vegan black bean tacos

I also went back to Mellow Mushroom because my omni friends were so impressed with the vegan pizza there last time that they wanted to go again. (Note: I always find it amusing when my omni friends LOVE vegan food but then won’t go back without me. Seriously guys, you can go eat vegan without me! No vegan friend required!)

vegan pizza from Mellow Mushroom

Sweet Rituals asked me to stop by their shop the last time I was in Austin, but my schedule didn't really allow it (I was bummed -- vegan sundaes? yes please!) so I made a special trip this time. Christopher (my high school sweetheart) and I shared the "Sampler". He picked Almond Joy, I picked Peanut Butter Cup and we asked the lady in charge for her recommendation, and she picked the Lady Pleaser which happened to be our fave!

vegan ice cream sundae

I also tried Toy Joy’s vegan soft serve, which was mint chocolate flavored this time. I’m not much of a chocolate person but it was good.

vegan mint chocolate soft serve ice cream

Christopher, meanwhile, really loved it (he swore it’s better than dairy soft serve) so we had to go back a few days later ;)

To shake things up, we tried the “faux butterfinger” sundae -- which led me to discover chik-o-sticks, which while not healthy, are vegan and taste like butterfingers.

vegan soft serve butterfinger topped sundae

I also had an informal meetup with some Herbies at the newly opened Counter Culture. Counter Culture has an E2-friendly menu (how exciting! plant-based options AND no oil) so I dove right in and ordered the Lentil Loaf (really good!) a side salad and jalapeno cornbread. For dessert I tried the fruit crisp. Everything was delicious.

image of jalapeno cornbread, lentil meatloaf topped with marinara sauce, and side salad

apple fruit crisp dessert by Counter Culture

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