Austin HH Meetup

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel Press

Yesterday I hosted a little party in Austin (well, maybe not too little -- 30 Herbies came!). My amazing and wonderful High School sweet heart (Chris) held it at his house.

I served Mexican Dip (p.230, HHC), Jalapeno-Cornbread (p. 68, EHH), Butter Bean Cookies (p.241, EHH) and a recipe from my new cookbook, HH Abroad -- Lentil Tacos!

Big hits all around.

It was so amazing to see and hang out with my fellow Herbies. Even Lindsey came and our tattoos got to meet! 

A special thank you to my husband, Chris & Kael who did the majority of the cooking and cleanup so I could mingle.

I love, LOVE meeting Herbies! I'll be doing a signing in Dallas, another in Austin via E2 potluck, as well as a signing in LA (TBD, the 16th) and San Diego.

UPDATE: The LA event will be at Veggie Grill from 5-7p

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