This Week's Q&A (Talking Flour, Sugar, and Vitamin B)

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You've got questions, I've got answers!

1. Can I use gluten free flour instead of pastry flour?

You can, but in my experience GF flours tend to be thirstier, so you may need to increase the liquid. For more information on using GF flours, check out my post here.

2. I have a question I keep hearing that vegans need to supplement their Vitamin B, either 6 or 12 I don't remember. Is that true? My diet varies quite a bit all with healthy ingredients. 

You can see this postby Dr. McDougall about B12.

Also, know that B12 deficiency can happen to meat eaters, too -- my friend's mom, who eats steak probably once a day (and other meats at the other meals) as well as a rather carnivorous male friend of mine, both ended up with low levels of B12 and had to get a shot and go on supplements. It is something everyone should have checked.

3. I like veggie ground (faux beef) is there any way I can make this myself?

Yep, I have a recipe in HHC called TVP Beef Crumbles on page 140.

4. Can I back order past meal plans?

Yes, we have some available, you would need to contact courtney[at]happyherbivore[dot]com for all the details.

5. Can you point me in the right direction on "raw" sugar. I have seen Sugar In The Raw at the store but, only in single serving packets. It "Sugar in the Raw" even what you are referring to in some of your recipes.If you have a past blog or something I would appreciate the link. Thank You

"Sugar in the Raw" is just a brand. Raw sugar may be called "raw sugar" or "turbinado sugar" there is also Sucanant, which is similar. My local supermarket sells it's own version/brand of raw sugar -- and it says "raw sugar." I believe Trader Joes carries "turbinado" sugar under it's brand name, too.

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