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There has been so much going on at SXSW! I don't know where to begin, from the great food to the interesting events. I am kind of sad that it is all ending. I won't forget crashing a Cooking Channel party anytime soon! 

Al Gore interviewing Sean Parker. "Overcoming apathy is so important to making a change." - Sean Parker

I met Evan Jacobs creator of Kindlegraph! I can "autograph" ebook copies of my cookbooks through Kindlegraph free.

Skype even provided a free vegan lunch!

Since my last post on eating out in Austin, we had several more recommendations from Herbies for places, such as Thai Passion and Mellow Mushroom.

Mother's Cafe & Garden was another highly recommended restaurant, and we couldn't pass up their BBQ Tofu, Vegan Quesadillas ... and of course dessert!

Although I think I will remember WFM the most. That store was mesmerizing!

I will be in Dallas tomorrow night, March 14, for a meet-up and book signing from 5-7pm, for more information click here. I will be back in Austin on Thursday, March 15 co-hosting a SXSW Plant-Strong Pot Luck with Rip Esselstyn from The Engine 2 Diet

From there I will be in Los Angeles on Friday, March 16, and am working on setting up a meet-up and book signing. Once I confirm all the details I will post it here and on the HH Facebook page as well. I also have a free demonstration and book signing in San Diego on Sunday, March 18. Click here for more information on that event.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles meetup and book signing will be at the Veggie Grill from 5-7pm.

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