9 New Meals in this Week's Meal Plan

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There are 9 new and refreshing meals in this week's meal plan - keeping it fun and exciting!

New Meals & Recipes:

  • Easy Tomato Soup
  • Veggie Club
  • Mega Chili Bowl
  • Apple Biscuits
  • Pear-Berry Oatmeal
  • Veggie Pot Pie
  • 5 Ingredient Tacos
  • Burrito Bowl
  • Veggie Love Chili

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Current Testimonials:

"Loving my @happyherbivore meal plan shopping list... Just spent $20 on an incredible amount of produce at the local stand! <3" @SummerVictoriaR

"I'm stuffed, and I had fewer than the 1200 calories on your meal plan today. I cannot finish the sweet potato and black bean salad. Seriously, good work, Lindsay!" - Lisa L

"I started the 7 Day meal plan yesterday and have been completely impressed. They're quick, tasty, and I don't feel hungry after an hour. Thank you so much for taking the pain out of meal planning for a single vegan!" Alexis 

"Thank you for your meal plans- I have been so pleasantly surprised on how good the food is, and I'm a food snob, big time. Relinquishing the choice on what to buy and cook has been such a relief. I think I'll lose that 20lbs no problem now!" Claire

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