New Meal Plan & 8 New Meals!

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8 new meals on this week's plan! Plus more fan favorites like the Berry Berry Quinoa, Blueberry Muffin, and Skinny Puttanesca (My dad's new fav recipe).

New Recipes & Meals:

  • Orange Teriyaki Rice Bowl
  • Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwich
  • Mexican Bowl
  • Cheesy Broccoli
  • Peanut Butter Quinoa
  • Strawberry, Spinach & Bean Salad
  • Aztec Bowl
  • Mexican Pizza

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"I was following a 1200 plan on the my fitness pal app and could not get a vegan diet using the recipes I had to fit.  I spent way too much time trying to figure it out and now you havedone it for me!  Thank you!" - Linda S

"SO EXCITED! Your meal plan is GREAT! Still not a cook and I've been buying a lot of processed vegan food and eating the same stuff over and over. I downloaded my 1st meal plan yesterday, went to Whole Foods and bought organic and STILL think I'm gonna save money with this. You tell me exactly what to buy, what to make with it next, LOVE the info on what to do today for tomorrow. It's exactly the direction I needed" - Sherree

"Almost finished with Day 1 on my @happyherbivore meal plan. Wow I am stuffed. Seriously filling food." @stamplinlibby

"I emailed you to thank you for the meal plans, I've lost 8 lbs!! I was vegan for two years but ate way too many unhealthy carbohydrates and vegan substitutes. Thank you for teaching me the healthy and hassle-free way to eat vegan." - Laura

Get the 7 Day Meal Plan Now

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