Email From a Herbie (Ending the Week on a Positive Note)

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I received this email from a Herbie, and wanted to share it because I loved the message about letting people live in your head. 

At first I just shared the quote on Facebook, but then realized it's even more powerful when you read it in context. Even though this message was written to me specifically, I think we can all relate to it. The takeaway lesson for me was: be who you are, find the beauty in differences, and focus on the positive. 

Why is it a compliment leaves us high on life for a few minutes but a negative comment wears us down for hours? 

Below is her email, I hope you find it as inspiring as I did. Have a great weekend Herbies! 

Dear Lindsay,

As you've stated before, be true to yourself. These people choose to read your blog, your facebook page. You are not forcing them. Nor are you forcing anyone to agree with you. I have been following you for more than two years, and not everything you have said, have I agreed with, but I did not feel compelled to say something nasty to you. You are entitled to your opinion, habits, hobbies, etc.   We are all made different, if we were all made the same, this would be a very boring world.

A friend of mine once told me, don't dwell on things people say to you, as "you are letting them live rent free in your head".They (the other person) have gone about their day and they are not stewing about their comment to you.  Chalk it up to someone's opinion and let it go.

You have helped so many people change their eating habits. If people aren't happy about it, the cows, pigs, chicken & fish are!!!! (lol)

Please don't let a few rotten people ruin it for the rest of the people, who do appreciate your honesty, so be strong.

I tell everyone who has some kind of health issue, about trying to eat healthier, and I ALWAYS recommend your books, HHC and EHH, and your website.  My husband has heart issues, and I was given Dr Esselstyns book and even met him at a local lecture, but I thought there is no way we can give ALL that up, but with YOUR help we have done it.

One of your very appreciative Herbies,

Herbie for life,

Your friend,


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