A Day at HH

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I have been working for HH for about 6 weeks now, and I've had several Herbies asking what is it like to work with/for Lindsay.

Working here is everything I expected and more. I knew it would mean long hours and 8 (I mean 7) days a week, but it has been very fulfilling.

One of the requirements that Lindsay told me when I first moved here was that I would have to learn to snowboard, no debate. That has been a fun learning curve - with my tailbone bruised for over a week.

My days can be repetitive though, but I guess most jobs are like that anyway. I do have the added bonus of home cooked meals 3 times a day, especially since Lindsay is writing her third cookbook, and trying almost all the recipes out on Scott & I.

Although working here is also not the typical job  - I go grocery shopping (during work!) and even clothes shopping as part of my job.

It is really nice, because when I am off from work, I've already gone to the grocery store and been to the laundromat, so the time is wholeheartedly mine.

The other best part is that I'm working with my best friend and sister, so it never really feels like work. More like an extended slumber party with great food!

It is different from what I am used to, I had a 9-5 job before but I also tutored on the side, so I always felt like I was working then too. Even though I am working more hours now, I don't feel as stressed or worn thin. And this is much more rewarding

Getting to hear all the wonderful Herbie of the Week stories, and all of your emails that you send is a blessing.

Thank you Herbies for making me feel so welcome at HH! You truly are the best!

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