Why I Stopped Drinking Green Smoothies

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I decided to temporarily take this post down; I really didn't expect it to cause such a stir, especially because other people have been blogging about this topic, too -- but my point is, I didn't intend to cause a ruckus, that's the last thing I wanted (and the last thing I need).

I have a new book to write and need to focus. As much as I have loved all the great questions, sweet emails, and debate about this topic, it's too distracting.

If you want to read what Dr. Essy has to say about smoothies and juices you can go here. Another article on HuffPo here.

Plus this great (and lengthy) thread on Dr. McDougall's website.

To sum up the original post: "All and all I feel like a smoothie once in a while as a treat is probably fine; and I do think that if the choice is a green smoothie, or no greens at all, it's better to go for the smoothie, but my plan is to eat my greens and fruits whole, whenever possible." (this was my "conclusion" at the end of the original post)

Thanks Herbies for all the support!

Dr. Graham, a Doctor of Health & Author of The 80/10/10 diet released this statement about juicing:

  • The nutrients in vegetables are invariably oxidized in the process of juicing, compromising the supposed nutritional benefits gained from "concentrating" the nutrient load.
  • Science has shown us that nutrient uptake is optimized when the fiber in whole foods are present, and that the fiber in vegetables also provides many benefits in terms of digestion, absorption, and elimination. Removing the fiber from food in order to consume solely the juice is a detriment.
  • In the case of removing the fiber, we defeat the low-calorie advantage that vegetables offer. While it is next to impossible to eat a pound of carrots in their raw state, for example, it only takes a few minutes to drink the juice from ten pounds of carrots. Consuming ten times the calorie load, without the fiber inherent in our food, is just asking for problems with sugar metabolism.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Eating lettuces, celery, cucumbers, and other raw vegetables as provided by Nature; in their whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic state is the very best for us.

For more information, see this post:

Stop Juicing

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