Today is National Apricot Day

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Today is National Apricot Day! I thought I'd share a little about this sweet, tart fruit today.

Apricots are similar to peaches and plum. They have a fleshy outside, which can be smooth or with little hairs, and a seed inside. They have an orange color and are full of nutrients, like beta-carotene and vitamin A, to name a few.

You can eat them fresh, dried, canned, frozen or as a jam. They often are made into wine, brandy, amaretto, and other liquors. Although, beware of the dried apricots, they may be coated with sulfur dioxide gas (to extend their shelf life). Organic dried fruit is not subject to this gas.

They can be used in numerous types of meals, from oatmeal toppings to pies, cakes, and even salad dressing. Here are a few of my recipes that you can make with apricots;

     Fruit Crisp (p. 46 EHH)

     Fruity Cereal Bars (p. 240 HHC)

     Marmalade French Toast (p. 40 EHH)

     Quick Fruit Sauce (p. 227 HHC)

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