How to Use Date Sugar & Syrup

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Replacing refined sugar is on many peoples minds, and an easy way to do that is with homemade date sugar and date syrup. Besides being a good replacement for refined sugar, they are also sweet way to sneak in more nutrients since dates are packed full of nutritional goodies.

Date sugar is not the same as regular sugar, there is no refining process to make it. Dry out sliced, pitted dates, then run them through the food processor until the consistency of sugar. 

Date sugar can replace any type of sugar, in most recipes. Since date sugar is finely ground dates, it won't dissolve like regular sugar, it will clump up instead.  If the recipe calls for the sugar to be dissolved in liquid, date sugar may not work. I have heard that you can dissolve it in hot water, but I haven't tried myself.

Date syrup is another great replacement for other syrups, like maple or honey. It will work as a replacement in recipes or as a topping itself, like over pancakes or waffles.

Date syrup is no harder to make than date sugar. There are many recipes online, but they are generally the same. To make date syrup, all you need is a food processor. You can go as simple as dates and water (or instead of water use apple juice), or you can add cinnamon and/or vanilla too. 

The great thing about date sugar and date syrup, is that you can substitute them 1 for 1. Although date sugar is sweeter than regular or brown sugar, so some people use 2/3 date sugar for every 1 cup sugar.

You can also buy date sugar and date syrup online or at most health food stores.

Have you ever made date syrup or date sugar?

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UPDATE:There are several websites online that say drying out the dates can be done in the oven, but I kept burning mine. Dates do contain glucose, fructose and sucrose

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