Low Fat Vegan Cake Pops (How to Make Cake Pops)

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Today is my sister Courtney's 30th birthday

I was trying to think of what kind of cake to make her for the past few weeks, when I remembered that she doesn't like cake. I don't really like cake either, but how do you celebrate a birthday with no cake? Isn't, that, like, tradition?

After thinking about it for a while I got a perfectly timed message from a Herbie named Brenda P. Brenda told me she'd made cake pops using HH's Black Bean Brownies and knowing how much my sis loves those brownies, I was in! Below is Brenda's picture and adaption of the recipe. 

"I just made cakepops from your Black Bean Brownies and they turned out great! I just rolled the brownies into balls, put sticks in, froze them, then dipped them into melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. I wanted to share them with other herbies."

Thank you for sharing Brenda. We can't wait to make them tonight!

Courtney did put in a request for Crab Cakes (p.187 EHH) the day she got here, saying they are her favorite recipe. Although, I'm not sure if it is the Crab Cakes themselves that she wanted or the Remoulade (p. 271 EHH) sauce that goes with them. I think she would lick the sauce bowl if I let her.

Of course, birthdays are not just about food. We are getting massages at one of the local hot springs this weekend too! It has been a while since either of us had one, and it gives us a great excuse to pamper ourselves. 

A day of pampering, enjoying the hot springs, and good food, what else could my sister ask for? Oh yeah, an entire day off. Well have to see about that ...

What are some dishes you just have to make on your or a friends birthday?

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