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Last week we met Candy who reversed her type 2 diabetes in a matter of months by following a plant-based diet. Today we meet Dale who, after attending McDougall's 8-day program was able to go off his medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, and lower his cholesterol. Dale pretty much changed his entire life... in 90 days! 

HH: You attended one of Dr. McDougall's 8-day programs. I'm actually demonstrating at the 3-day McDougall program this February. Can you tell us a little more about the program? How did that opportunity come up?

Dale: I was given the opportunity to go to Dr. McDougall's 8-day Program though my employer, Whole Foods Market. Our CEO, John Mackey, is very much into good heath and Team Members are offered to attend if you qualify.

HH: What was the program like? Were you required to make any changes in your diet or lifestyle while you were there?

I was very impressed with the program. They had doctors there to monitor your progress. There was exercise programs to follow. The lectures were very educational. The food was good although it was some what of a change for me.

My doctor during the program took me off four medications; Diabetes, 2 blood pressure and gout medication. I also reduced my cholesterol medication fifty percent.

HH: What about afterward? Did you stay off your medications?

I am still continuing to be off those medications and have not had any ill effects. 

HH: Dr. McDougall and his programs promote a low fat, whole foods, plant-based diet. You said before the food was good, but a change for you. What about when the program was over? Did you stick with this new way of eating?

After finishing the program it was easy for me to continue with it. The plan is easy to follow if you set your mind to it. Prior to going I was not able to get the willpower to change my eating habits. I needed a push and this program gave it to me.

HH: Other than going off your medication, which is huge! Have you noticed any other positive benefits?

I have noticed changes in my daily life. I feel better, have lost 20 pounds, I have more energy and I feel better about myself. My blood pressure is down to 120/80 without the med. My cholesterol is normal. I gave up drinking soft drinks which was my drink of choice for many years. I drink only water now.

HH: Your mentioned before that your employer sponsored you. Is it safe to say your coworkers are supportive too?

People I work with were very supportive of my choice to go to the McDougall program. My boss went through it and recommended it. He also had positive results. Several other fellow Team Members have also completed the program and were very supportive. 

HH: For those looking to change their life or get healthier, do you recommend the McDougall 8-day program?

I would recommend the plan to anyone that would be willing to make the lifestyle change. 

HH: Any additional comments?

The attached picture is just after I finished the program. I can send a new one after I reach my weight goal.

We look forward to it! Keep up the great work Dale! (A special thanks to my friend, and Herbie, Lacey, who introduced me to Dale!)

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