New 1200+ Calorie Meal Plan (14 New Meals & Recipes) Plus Holiday Survival Guide

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I did it again; 14 new meals this week!

Berry Cereal Bowl
Savory Bagel
Sweet Potato Chili
Fruity Muesli
Deluxe Toast
Black Bean Soup
Greek Pita
Spinach & Pepper Wraps
Mini Pizzas
Smokey Enchiladas
BBQ Chickpeas 
Asian Peanut Stir-Fry
Strawberry & Spinach Salad
Black Bean Tostadas! 

Some fan favorites are also back like Chips & Chili Bowl and Pumpkin Muffin!!!

Our Holiday Survival Guide is back, too!

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"I am so excited about finding your meal plan.  I have been trying to eat plant-strong for a couple of months now, but figuring out what to eat has been my problem.  Thank you so much for your help." - Dolores T.

"Since starting your "Eat like me" calorie menu I have learned how to make food i never thought I would be eating. I havelost a little over 15 lbs since Nov 30th. I am a full-time nursing student and having a menu like yours that I can prepare ahead of time and be able to take to school with me will help me to do well." - Sarah

"I feel great. Less sleepy, clear mind, and more creative" - Karin

Thank you for putting together an easy, do-able, meal plan.  I was able to finish - FINISH - a bowl of oatmeal. The one this morning and yesterday are the only two bowls of oatmeal I have ever finished in my entire life (50 yrs)." - Lisa 

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