New 1200+ Calorie Meal Plan (All Seasonal Faves)

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

Here are some of the recipes you can expect to eat on this weeks meal plan:

Maple Glazed Vegetables
Skinny Puttanesca
Blueberry Muffins
Harmony Bowl
Red Lentil Dal
Mock "Tuna" 
"Meatloaf" & Gravy
Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

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Skinny Puttanesca -- the picture really doesn't do this new recipe justice!

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"The meal plans have totally changed my life. I finally have a plan that works -- and tastes good!" - Beth A.

"Following @happyherbivore meal plan - yummy! Hopefully this and my increased intensity will help me break this plateau!" - @HVSoap

"[These plans] make healthy eating possible! It's so easy! Who knew!" - Tom F.

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