The Old vs. The New (The Difference Between My Two Cookbooks)

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I keep getting a lot of questions about my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore; Questions like "are there are a lot of the same recipes?" and "what's the difference between the books?" 

So I figured I'd talk about my new book and tell you what you will (and won't) find in Everyday Happy Herbivore. 

First off,Everyday Happy Herbivore, is totally new. It's not my old cookbook in a new package. I wrote over 175 new recipes for EHH.

Now, at the back of the book, I did include some recipes for things like vegetable broth, and mayo, and spice blends, for your convenience, but they weren't counted in the total recipes and there's only a handful of them anyway. 

I also pulled a couple recipes from this blog to put in the book (like HH's PB Cup Smoothie) but those recipes aren't in the last cookbook and there's only about a dozen of them, if that. I included blog recipes in my last book too -- the books are a result of this blog so I like to include "fan favorites" in keeping with that spirit. 

What you will find:

* 175 NEW recipes. 

All new recipes, but they still follow my same "everyday" cooking style. I dare say these recipes are even easier.

* More fresh foods. 

Although I still love the ease of dry spices, you'll find a few recipes with fresh spices and herbs and you'll find a lot of recipes with fresh vegetables and greens. 

* More variety. 

There are more "sections" to this book: (1) smoothies, yogurts & granola (2) hot breakfasts & brunch (3) muffins, biscuits & breads (4) sandwiches, burgers & more (5) soups & stews (6) salads & dressings (7) veggie dishes: stir-frys, curries & dals (8) casseroles & rice dishes (9) beans & faux meat (10) pasta & noodles (11) simple sides (all of which can be built into a full meal with my tips!) (12) desserts (13) condiments & spice blends (14) sauces & gravies.

*New flavors.

I really fell in love with Cajun food when I was writing this book. I also looked to a lot of international cuisines for inspiration. You'll find a lot of diversity in these recipes. I still rock the comfort foods we all love (and there are plenty of those!) but you'll find recipes inspired from all over the world, too: Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, just to name a few. I also added some recipes from the Caribbean, where I now live, like Rum Cake, which will blow your mind! 

* New Icons

I added a lot of new icons this time around: Quick (30 minutes or less), Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, One-Pot Meal, Make Ahead (make in advance), Budget (total meal is $5 or less) and Single-Serving. 

* Nutritional Information

Included and with much more detail. For example, I'll say "Per 1/4 cup serving."

* Pictures

If you think my last book had a lot of pictures -- just wait until you see this one. Almost every recipe has a picture and my photo skills have really improved, too!

What you won't find:

TVP and any kind of commercial substitute. I only used TVP and meat subs a handful of times in my first book, but because I can't get either here, they're totally absent from this new book. 

As with my last book, you also won't find recipes that call for white flour, gobs of oil or margarine (the entire book is oil-free), and other junky ingredients. The junkiest ingredient in my book is ketchup!

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy of Everyday Happy Herbivore!

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