Eat like me! 1,200+ Calorie Diet Plans

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Get Healthy. Be Happy. Go Herbivore.

My mission with Happy Herbivore has always been to show how easy, affordable, approachable, realistic and most importantly, delicious, eating healthy can be. 

It started with creating recipes -- easy, no fuss recipes -- that are built around your busy schedule using normal "everyday" ingredients...but I've wanted to do something more. 

I wanted to take my mission to another level by creating a plan, or a system, that made it even easier. 

I wanted to take out all of the guesswork and planning because I know from my own experiences that finding time is often the hardest part to being healthy.

Well not anymore! 

I'm bringing healthy to oh-so-easy! I've created a full meal plan for you:all your meals, plus snacks and desserts, complete with a shopping list andno leftovers!

Most importantly, everything is easy peasy to make and can be made in advance! 

You'll save money, time and stress, while eating your way to health one tasty bite at a time.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain or simply eat a little healthier -- this plan works. It starts at 1,200 calories, but is completely customizable to meet your specific caloric budget and needs with extra snacks and meals. 

For those looking to lose, be amazed at how much food -- and how filling! 1,200 calories can be! 

Ready to get started?

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