Ask HH: Making the Switch

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What are your top three (or five, etc) tips for making the switch to veganism? Do you have a beginners shopping list for getting the pantry/fridge stocked when first starting out?

For a beginner’s shopping list (complete with video!) go here. I also have a blog post with transitioning plans here.

That said:

1. Quoting my husband, “Stop looking for meat on your plate.” The Western mentality is that a meal is meat with a small side of vegetables. You have to reprogram your brain here to recognize that a plate of vegetables is a great meal!

2. Examine “cravings.” Is your body asking for a nutrient that you’re simply associating with an animal product? Is it mental or emotional -- are you looking for a comfort food? Even people who are not typically “emotional eaters” can get mentally-charged cravings. Stop and ask yourself “why do I want that? what should I have instead?”

3. If you really liked meat or dairy products, load up on substitutes to help you with the transition, but ultimately, these foods should accent your diet, not make up the bulk of it. Keep “Veg” in vegan or vegetarian.

4.Try new things!Try foods and cuisines you’d have never tried before. My diet is so much more varied now that I’m vegan. I’ve fallen in love with Ethiopian, Indian and Thai foods!

5. Be positive!Go in with a good attitude and you’ll have a good experience! If you walk into veganism happy, full of optimism, believing that you will love it, succeed at it and have an amazing will!

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Do you have any tips to add for people transitioning to veganism?

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