Happy Herbivore Forever (Our Tattoos)

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People get tattoos for all different reasons: some people love beautiful art and see their body as a canvas for an evolving masterpiece. Some people need their outside to reflect or symbolize what they feel on inside and others need reminders, markers, a memento. I've also witnessed the healing power of tattoos and it's their emotional value that attracted me.

Tattoos have always been a way for me to mark an important event in my life.

I have a few -- some you have probably seen in pictures and videos. Each tattoo individually, and collectively, has a meaning. They all celebrate some moment or part of my life.Each one was emotional for me.

Today I added Herbie. It's not just to commemorate Happy Herbivore and this chapter in my life. I also love the deep symbolism behind it. Elephants are strong...big and beautiful.They are inspiring and magnificent... all things I want to be...try to be... strive to be.

I believe that you have to know where you have been to appreciate where you are and where you are going.

And that's why it was important I get this tattoo.... but I wasn't the only one. Andrea inked herself as well... and you'll see that we have different experiences and reasons for our tattoos....

Hi Herbies :] For me, tattoos are a way to symbolize a moment in time- a lesson I've learned, or something I believe in and want myself to always remember, even when I'm having a tough time. I have wanted the tops of my feet tattooed for awhile, and it seemed appropriate to get it done when living in another country- when will I ever get this opportunity again?

I have two herbivores on the tops of my feet now- an elephant and a rabbit. The rabbit is to remind me of the Velveteen Rabbit who always sought to becomereal, and the only way to become real is through patience and love. The elephant on the top of my foot is symbolic of a humble kind of wisdom and strength.

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