Ask Happy Herbivore: Breaking Free from Sugar

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Q: Do you have any tips on breaking free from the sugar/soda addiction?

They say it takes three weeks to break a habit -- so keep that in perspective as you struggle to overcome your addiction. If you love soda -- try sparkling water. You can jazz it up with limes, lemons and frozen berries or buy a flavored sparkling water (just make sure its not sweetened with sugars or artificial sugars). I like to add a tiny splash of grapefruit juice to my water -- makes it more interesting! I also keep cucumber and mint leaves in my pitcher, which adds a lot of flavor. 

As for sugar, any time your sweet tooth hits grab a piece of fruit. Reach for dried fruit instead of candy (it’s super sweet) just make sure your dried fruit is 100% fruit and not infused with juice or covered with sugar. Regular fresh fruit works well. I also love slowly nibbling on frozen fruit like bananas, strawberries or peaches. They last longer for nibbling and really give me that sweet fix

 Put your mind to it and stick with it -- you’ll be so glad you did!

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Do you have any tips for breaking a sugar/soda habit?

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