Vegan Pizza Night

Posted by:Andrea Dermos Category: Holiday

Last night on Facebook a fan let us in on their favorite 'fast' food- Dominos cheeseless pizza with our pizza sauce from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook (p. 242) slathered on top! Ever since we saw the post, we've had pizza on the brain so tonight's dinner was a pizza party!

Our pizza was topped with sauce,cheese, fresh basil, tomatoes, green olives and green peppers on a whole wheat pizza crust. You can buy one or make your own with HH's recipe for whole wheat pizza dough.  This is a great way to get your vegetables in at dinner without it seeming like a chore- and you can use whatever vegetables you have hanging out in the fridge! 

What's your favorite pizza topping? In New York, HH and I had a favorite vegan friendly pizza shop that made a hummus, olive and onion pizza that was bangin! 

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