Foodie Friday: My first week with the Herbivores!

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Hi Herbies! I'm Andrea, Lindsay's new assistant at Happy Herbivore. I'm so excited to be posting for Foodie Friday! When Lindsay invited me to come to the island, I think my first reaction was "Yessss...I'll have a personal chef AND a boss ;)". Before I even got to the island I requested tamale casserole (pg. 127) for dinner one night after someone posted on The Happy Herbivore Facebook that they were making it for dinner.

HH definitely delivered! This was so good, and tasted awesome on top of a salad the next day. Greens are not my favorite (I know- shocking!)but this made eating a salad fun.

Our mornings have been starting off with HH's Chocolate Green Goddess Smoothies. I'm not a morning person but HH is, drinking one of these every morning has made me feel more awake and ready to get to work!

I love baking, and I absolutely love getting my hands dirty and baking biscuits. It's so fun to get your hands in flour and get a little messy in the kitchen! We had Happy Herbivore biscuits and pot pie for lunch one day with chickpeas, corn and carrots.

Have you guys seen this funny picture before? That's what I felt like when we went out to lunch on the island for the first time. We ate falafel and hummus in the Caribbean, vegans just can't escape it.

This week was a big week for me...I finally tried HH's mock tuna. I've read all the good reviews about this recipe, and HH always mentioned that she eats it as a healthy snack..but I was scared. I'm not a very brave eater, I like really really simple foods. When HH made mock tuna salad for dinner, I was super surprised at how much I liked it. I loved the crunch the celery gave the salad.

I hope you guys liked getting a peak at what we've been eating here. This has definitely been a step up from the PB&Js I had been making myself for every meal ;) Have a happy weekend!


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