Around the Island

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

Scott & I took his Dad and Andrea for a drive around the island. This island is teeny tiny---in fact, it could fit comfortably within Brooklyn!

Along the way we saw herbivores.

I freaked out and made Scott pull over so I could take pictures. 

While the male was generally happy to have his picture taken his girlfriend was not.

Her expression really sums it up.

We also saw goats!

Herbivore friends aside...

We first stopped at Grand Case for drinks... I ordered in French, which the French waiter loved.

Then we moved on to Orient Bay, where I ordered in French again... more love. We also shared this pizza as a light snack:

Pizza aux legumes sans fromage

Finally, we stopped by a local tattoo parlor (more on that front later) and saw this sleeping kitty:

Hope you're all having a fabulous Saturday---even if you're cooped up indoors thanks to mother nature. Wishing all our East Coast Herbies safety!

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