Around The Island Part Two

Posted by:Andrea Dermos Category: Travel

Hi Herbies! It's Andrea again :] Hope you're all staying safe! Last night, after we took a trip around the island to see all of St. Marteen, we came home and Lindsay made us a meal from her new cookbook. We'll have to call it Mango Noodles for now. Sorry to keep you all in suspense ;)

After dinner we went to Grand Case, part of the French side of the island, to hang out on the beach. There's bars here where you sit right on the water, and those lights across the water are another island.

We had a few drinks and enjoyed the nice weather. I even put my feet in the water...which, I normally wouldn't do. You know, phobia of open water. It was just too pretty to resist.

I promise to try and stop ending my posts with pictures of tropical drinks. But, it's the weekend so it's socially acceptable. ;) Cheers! Have a lovely Sunday! 

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