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I was a speaker/demonstrator at Vegetarian Summerfest this year and wow--it was so much fun! Summerfest is like "camp" for adults--except totally veg! My cooking class "Low Fat Vegan: All the Flavor without the Fat!" was a huge success! I had a blast demonstrating my recipes and several of my "students" came up to me afterward thanking me for such a great class. It made me feel really good! 

Funny side story: Minutes before my demonstration, I bumped into T. Colin Campbell in the hallway. I've always been a huge fan of his and since we have the same publisher (and he endorsed my cookbook) I just *had* to say hello. 

Right off the bat I said who I was and that we had the same publisher. Dr. Campbell looked very pensive so I thought, oh! I have a copy of my book on me for class, I'll just pull it out to help jog his memory!!

As soon as I did, however, he says"oh this is very nice, is this for me?"

And who says no to T. Colin Campbell? Right. So I gave him my book (my only first edition no less!) and then he asked me to sign it, which was beyond awesome!! I also managed to convince him to snap this pic:

Of course, this left me with no book for my class(that was starting in just a few minutes!!) so I sent my friend (and lovely new assistant, Nichelle) sprinting down the hallway to the bookstore to buy another copy of my book for class.At least it makes a great story!

Nichelle & I at our last Summerfest breakfast!

Here are some of the pictures from my demonstration, more are on HH's Facebook (album here).

[By the way I'm totally aware some of these pictures are sideways. I tried to get them to show up properly for over an hour and then ultimately gave up! Technology is a beast sometimes!]

I made the Nutty Spread (p. 253), Teriyaki Chickpeas (p. 127), Potato Salad (p. 189) & Black Bean Brownies (p. 209). 

Preparing the salsa for Teriyaki Chickpeas

Zesting the lemon for the potato salad.

Thumbs up for the Nutty Spread

My wonderful audience sampling my recipes!

With fellow vegan authors at our joint book signing! so fun!

Signing. Signing. Signing. I really need to adopt a signature sharpie color.

I really love cooking for others and showing them how to cook at home --- it's always a real treat when I get the opportunity... perhaps I need to get the webcam out and tape more cooking webisodes! 

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