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My family is Italian, so lasagna has always been a comfort food for us. It's also one of my standby dishes when we're having company over for dinner because everyone likes lasagna and it presents beautifully. 

The nice thing about my recipe for vegan lasagna is that it also tends to be a balanced meal: complex carbohydrates in the pasta, protein from the tofu ricotta and vegetables like spinach in the lasagna roll up, plus a side serving. 

Lasagna roll ups also whip up easily and makes enough for leftovers (that store beautifully in the freezer)! but don't just take my word for it! Introducing Kristina, this week's guest blogger and lover of HH's Lasagna Rolls:

HH: The lasagna rolls sure look tasty! 

Kristina: The lasagna rolls were fantastic tasting and so easy to prepare. It took no time at all. While I boiled the noodles I prepared the filling. 

HH: Did your family like the recipe?

Kristina: Yes! Even my non vegan husband willingly ate them! The recipe also made enough to share with a new mom and her husband. 

HH: Random story: I once made a double batch of the rolls for friends of mine when they became new parents! It was an easy meal for them, all they had to do was reheat.So sweet of you to share with your friends!

HH: Have you found other HH recipes just as easy?

Kristina: All of your recipes are extremely easy and quick to prepare. Once I bought a few ingredients, I was able to make every recipe in yourcookbook.  The Happy Herbivore Cookbookhas made vegan cooking easy and quick! What a breath of fresh air!

HH: Aww Thanks Kristina! You're so sweet! I'm thrilled you liked the lasagna rolls!

Have you made HH's lasagna rolls? Do you have a standby recipe for when guests come over for dinner?

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