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Today's guest blogger, Kelly, dishes up some down home cooking from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook and talks about cooking vegan for her skeptical omni hubby! 

HH: Kelly, How'd you get your hubby to try a few vegan dishes?

Kelly:As a vegetarian who tries to make vegan choices whenever possible, I was very excited to start cooking from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook.My husband, however, is not as enthusiastic as I am about this lifestyle, so I asked him to choose some recipes that he thought he might enjoy.

HH: What recipes did he pick?

Since my husband is a big fan of New Orleans cuisine, he chose Dirty Rice(p. 192) and Spicy Collard Greens(p. 184) to pair together.Yum!

HH: How'd it go? Did your hubby like it?

We enjoyed both of the dishes and have since made them a few times!

I found the Spicy Collard Greensto be a little too spicy for me, but the hubby loved it! So now we try to find a common ground with heat when cooking.

We really liked the Dirty Riceand find it to be quite satisfying paired with the greens. A great combination for my husband who loves to eat, and this time he enjoyed healthy, low-fat vegan food!

HH: Yay! Vegan food WIN! Does your hubby have any other faves?

Another recipe from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook that we L-O-V-E is the Baked Beans (p. 199), which we have also made with the Spicy Collard Greens. It is wild with flavor and is absolutely delish! I am planning on bringing the Baked Beans to a party soon. I know it will be a big hit along with a pasta salad I typically make.

I have also been wanting to try your Chickpea Tacos (p. 97) for the longest time and we finally tried it! I LOVED it! I also made taco seasoning for the first time and was surprised how easy it was. This recipe is simple, full of flavor and uses only a few ingredients! 

HH: I must confess, I'm totally in love with your plates in the photos! Deets!

Our beautiful plates were from our wedding registry and are from the 222 Fifth Tableware collection. The hubby likes square plates and I like flowers, as a little sunshine on dishware brings a smile to my face. 

HH: Thanks so much for guest posting Kelly!

Have you won over a skeptical loved one with a HH recipe? Tell us!

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