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You might know this week's guest blogger as @MegVgn or The Snarky Chickpea. Either way, Meg is one serious foodie whose been busy cooking her way through the Happy Herbivore Cookbook (often using ingredients fresh from her garden!) Meg is also giving away a copy of my cookbook on her blog!

Here are Meg's pictures of the dishes she made along with her commentary about each dish and how she made each recipe "her own" (which I love!) by adding things like extra garlic to please her palate. Yum!

Baked Mac and Cheese(p. 156)and CorndogsSo, I totally know that the corndogs look like crap, but they are ridiculously delicious despite the hideous turnout. Maybe you'll learn to read directions better than me since I clearly didn't make the batter correctly. Don't let the photo deter you. Or, maybe you'll just need to do what I with your eyes closed. Regardless, your tummy will thank you. For the corndogs, I used LightLife Smart Dogs. As for the baked mac and cheese, I added a bit of spicy brown mustard and extra garlic (I can't resist) and though my photo looks like crap, it tasted excellent. We plowed through the whole batch. Comfort food all the way!

French Toast(p. 24) In love. It's just that easy.Who would've thought that chickpea flour would taste so good on toast? Me, that's who! Anything chickpea is meant for me. Hint, when (not if) you make the French Toast, don't let the bread soak as long as I did the first time I made it. Really, follow the directions, and just quickly dip the bread. Silly me. I just can never follow directions. But, you should follow my direction: make the French Toast already.

Tamale Casserole (p. 167) Mexican style dishes are almost always a hit here. And, this tamale casserole was no exception. I did make it a bit spicier and added more garlic. Again, I can never get enough garlic. I think the only thing I will ever change in the future is to add some black beans next time I make it. The casserole rocked. So hard. You really should make it.

Chickpea Tuna Sandwiches (p. 113) I admit, I have changed this recipe somewhat, but it was really just because I had limited ingredients on-hand the first few times I made it. Here's what I changed: I use fresh soaked/cooked chickpeas, use fresh onions, no kelp powder, and add some unsalted sunflower seeds. I'm sure no matter how it's made, you'll love it. It's one of those things that I like to eat at least once a week.

Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips(p. 238) No joke,these are my favorite little munchies. I've made them a few times now and I love them more every time. Sweet, crunchy, tasty as hell. Oh yeah. If you don't like these, then I just don't know if we can be friends. They totally bring on the nostalgia of the old Taco Bell cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips of the 80s-90s. Drool.....

Cheater's Pad Thai(p. 117) Let me get one thing straight - I never ate any pad Thai before I made this recipe. So, I really didn't know what I was getting myself in for. But, at the recommendation of my friend, Elena, I took the plunge. Dudes, I can't even describe how insanely delicious this was.I added some freshly steamed veggies for a little more substance. As much of a chickpea addict I am, I am thinking that next time I'll add some. Yeah, it's probably not "authentic" but I'm not much for conformity. MAKE THIS. You'll seriously love it. OR ELSE....

Mushroom Burgers (p. 89) I decided to save my favorite for last. This is my most favorite veggie burger ever. No, I'm not kidding. I can eat 2 in one sitting. Vegan piggy...oink, oink. I first made these burgers because I was running low on supplies and didn't feel much like going grocery shopping, so I started scanning the HH cookbook for inspiration. Bam. Best choice I could've made. I'm pretty sure I won't ever be able to top these...and I'm not sure I even want to try. My alterations: white mushrooms, slightly more BBQ sauce, and more garlic. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. They hold their shape, don't fall apart, and taste like veggie heaven. And they go amazingly well with some homemade baked sweet potato fries. I'll never eat pre-made veggie burgers again.

Thanks Meg! I love how your personality really shined through in this post! & Mr. Marley is too. damn. cute! (Don't forget to enter Meg's giveaway!)

Have you made any of these recipes? If so, did you make them your own like Meg did? How'd you like them?

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