Cookbook Countdown: 17 Days to Go: Perfect Pancakes

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I consider myself a master of many culinary things.... but pancakes are not one of them. Even before I was vegan, or cared about eating only whole grains, I struggled to make decent pancakes. 

The three men in my life (my father, my husband and my best friend) were all awesome at it -- total naturals. They could make you the best pancakes -- perfectly shaped, fluffy and delicious, with their eyes closed. For a while I thought it must just be something in their DNA. Why could they make pancakes and I couldn't? Was it because I was a girl?

Trying to use whole grain flours and veganizing a pancake recipe made the uphill battle for perfect pancakes even more challenging. 

Some time ago I developed this whole-wheat fat-free pancake recipe but I could never make them myself with any real success and even when the guys' made them,  I wasn't really thrilled with their texture.

That's when I decided to experiment-- and simplify the recipe. I decided instead of trying to adapt pancake recipes that use eggs, oil and white flour I would start from scratch with wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

The result is that I ended up withthe best pancakes I've ever had and the batter is magical. No matter what you do, it pours beautiful and you get perfectly shaped pancakes every time. Even *I* get perfect pancakes. Just look at how fluffy they are:

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