Cookbook Countdown: 17 Days to Go: Perfect Pancakes

I consider myself a master of many culinary things.... but pancakes are not one of them. Even before I was vegan, or cared about eating only whole grains, I struggled to make decent pancakes. 

The three men in my life (my father, my husband and my best friend) were all awesome at it -- total naturals. They could make you the best pancakes -- perfectly shaped, fluffy and delicious, with their eyes closed. For a while I thought it must just be something in their DNA. Why could they make pancakes and I couldn't? Was it because I was a girl?

Trying to use whole grain flours and veganizing a pancake recipe made the uphill battle for perfect pancakes even more challenging. 

Some time ago I developed this whole-wheat fat-free pancake recipe but I could never make them myself with any real success and even when the guys' made them,  I wasn't really thrilled with their texture.

That's when I decided to experiment-- and simplify the recipe. I decided instead of trying to adapt pancake recipes that use eggs, oil and white flour I would start from scratch with wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

The result is that I ended up with the best pancakes I've ever had and the batter is magical. No matter what you do, it pours beautiful and you get perfectly shaped pancakes every time. Even *I* get perfect pancakes. Just look at how fluffy they are: