Cookbook Countdown: 12 Days to Go: BBQ Chop Wrap...err Salad

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I didn't include a single salad recipe in my cookbook for two reasons. First, there is this awful stereotype that vegans and vegetarians live on salads. Any time someone says something along the lines of "so what do you eat, salads?" I die a little inside. Or even worse, "Of course you can eat here, we have a salad on the menu" because a bowl of iceburg lettuce is so delicious and filling!

So... with a little attitude, I intentionally wrote an entire vegan cookbook -- with some 200 recipes -- without a single one being a salad. I had something to prove I guess.

Which brings me to point number 2. There is an equally bad stereotype around low fat and fat-free recipes... people think low-fat and fat-free has to mean deprivation or is limited to "dieter foods" like salads, soups and stews -- and well, I wanted to disprove all that. It's totally possible to eat a healthy low fat diet and never have to eat a salad... Remember my friends, you can have your low fat cake and eat it too! 

(For the record, I LOVE salads. I eat them almost every day because I think they're an easy way to get in servings of vegetables, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. but my point is, is that a salad is not the only choice when you want to eat healthy, low fat food.)

Which brings me to today's teaser recipe. This salad is actually awrap in my cookbook, but you can forgo the tortilla and have a salad, which I did here. 

It's the called BBQ Chop Wrap. It's easily one of my favorite warm weather meals and it comes together in a flash. Many of my student testers remarked this was their new go-to choice for a school lunch because it was so easy to make and they felt better about eating something with so many vegetables, than just sticking to PB&J everyday.

By the way, I am leaving today for a week-long trip to Whistler (in Vancouver, Canada). If you live near there, or in Atlanta (I have an 8-hr layover this evening there) email me!

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