Cookbook Countdown

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Let the countdown begin!

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to blog about a recipe in my cookbook every  dayfor the next 25 days---until 1/25 the day my cookbook will be in stores nationwide! 

[FYI some B&N's will have my book early as part of a in-store "New Years" promotion and it will be available on the Kindle and Nook 1/18 but the *official* release date is 1/25

In the meantime, help spread awareness of my cookbook by "liking" it on amazon and B&N! 

Thanks to YOUR efforts, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is already ranking well on Amazon (#63 in vegan books!) -- and it's not even out yet!  :-D

Together we can make it a #1 best seller! 

(For Amazon, you'll need tobe logged into your Amazon account--and bonus!When you're logged in, you get to also "look inside" and preview nearly 30 recipes!)

(For B&N you'll need to belogged into your Facebook account--and don't forget to "like" Happy Herbivore on Facebook too!)

Thanks Herbies!! and remember, if you buy or pre-order a copy before 1/29, you get free stuff!

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