How to Get My Cookbook Early (Cookbook Update)

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: News

Here's the skinny on my cookbook's release date (I know some of you are getting emails from Amazon saying it's been further delayed--it hasn't!)

The official pub date is January 25 (that's the day the cookbook will be available in all stores). We have no control over when Amazon ships, but typically, Amazon always ships on the official pub date (Jan 25th). 

For the life of me (and my publisher), we cannot figure out why Amazon is sending out emails saying the book was pushed back and you'll get your copies in mid-February. If they ship on Jan 25th, even if you live in a remote part of the United States, I can't see why it would take 2, let alone 3 weeks, to get to your mailbox.

As an FYI: the book is finished--it was done printing last week and is making it's long voyage from China to the United States by boat. 

However, (and here is something to get excited about) The Happy Herbivore Cookbook will be in a select Barnes & Noble locations early, to be part of a theme they're having (something like "new year, new you") so if you shop at Barnes & Noble, chances are you can get my cookbook in personat the start of the New Year.

I don't have all the specifics yet (which stores, what precise date it's available, the name of the theme and if there is a special table in the store for it, etc) but it never hurts for you to call your local B&N and ask them to stock the book.If anything, that will only help ensure your store is one of the participating stores.

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