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For today's Top 10 Tuesday, I'm doing 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me (or maybe you do!)

(1) I'm adopted, yet strangers frequently stop me when with I'm with either parent to say how much I look like them. I also, apparently, look so much like my sister (also adopted) that my husband, and our mother, wrongly identified who was who in this photo. Lets see how you fare:

(2) I am a chronic nail biter. Someone once told me that wasn't "vegan" and I managed to quit right there for a week straight....and then I went back to biting. (I should say here that I'm working on it, but, I'm not).

(3) I consider myself a lazy cook. So, sure, some of my recipes use ketchup and I reach for granulated garlic and onion powders because why waste my time chopping and sautéing if I don't have to?!

(4) In the last 10 years, I have lived in 6 cities, 5 states and one island. Bonus points if you can name them all! (Tampa/Clearwater, Florida; Tallahassee, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; St. Maarten!)  

(5) If I really, really like a celebrity or famous-type. I refer to them by their first name, even if their name is not as distinctive, as, say, Angelina. This once confused a professor of mine who said, "I'm sorry, are you on a first-name basis with Richard Dawkins?" My reply, "No, but I'd like to be. Positive thinking, professor."

(6) Speaking of #5, I completely buy into the power of suggestion and self-fulfilling prophecies.

(7) I can, and often do, eat nutritional yeast with a spoon. 

(8) My best friend is a dude. This seems to bother a lot of people, yet, does not bother us or our spouses/partners. In fact, I often feel left outwhen my best friend and my husband are talking in nerd and I don't understand. (Jim is next to me, the other guy is our friend Penis. No, really. Everyone calls him Penis, even my mother! "You're going to visit Penis? He's such a nice boy. Has he married yet?")

(9) My "day job" (outside of HH that is!) involves writing legal articles for ehow. Normally it's things like "How to file for divorce in Nebraska" but occasionally I get questions that really make me go hmm... such as "How to file taxes as an inmate" or, say, "What is the legal dating age in Florida?" Well then. 

(10) I am surprised by how much I am enjoying living on this island...though I wonder how I'll feel when I've been here longer than two weeks! I'm still in denial that it's winter and the holiday season anywhere else. I'm convinced its June.

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