Final Day for e-Cookbooks!

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Today is the final day! All HH e-cookbooks are being discontinued after today!

L-F Sugar Cookies (from e-book Pudge-Free Holidays)

As promised in an earlier post, I'm giving away several copies of e-books to give them a proper send off!

Veggie, Bean & Quinoa "Meatballs" (from Backyard Vegan)

Here are the randomly selected winners:

Erika (tangy pulled pork sandwich/african mash)

MeShell (maple muffins)

KarynH (baked tofu parm/shells & cheese)

Jenna (s'mores brownies/African mash)

Radioactive vegan s'mores brownies)

Winners -- send me an email saying which e-book you want ! happyherbivore [at] gmail [dot] com

To answer a question in the comments: YES you can purchase if you're an international buyer-- the e-books have been told across the world (Canada, Germany, Philippines, Australia, UK, South Africa... just to name a few). I believe if you choose paypal over googlecheck out you won't get zinged with conversion fees either.


A very special thanks to everyone who has purchased or will be purchasing an e-book -- thank you for helping support happy herbivore. All monies for sales have gone to help maintain this website and the popularity of the e-books lead to my cookbook becoming a reality! So, Thank YOU! x 1000



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