Wyoming & South Dakota

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Wyoming is very rocky! In fact, it's a geologist's playground. We noticed one particular rock formation was 2.5 billion years old. In some ways, being in Wyoming makes you feel like you've gone back in history, to walk the same lands the dinosaurs once roamed. Depending on where you are in the state, you might just pass an excavation site or see dinosaur tracks molded into the land. After Wyoming we went to Mt. Rushmore... we'd hoped to see Devil's Tower and Crazy Horse as well but sadly, didn't have the time. Mt. Rushmore is the third "landmark" I've seen where it was nothing like what I expected. (More photos on flickr!)

scaleddscn7507This was our first taste of Wyoming, right outside Yellowstone National Parkscaleddscn7509We've been seeing a lot of rainbows this trip! I finally caught one on camera.

scaleddscn7514Devil's Kitchen, Geological Site (near Wall, WY)

scaleddscn7523200-500 Million Years Old

scaleddscn7528Near Shell, WYscaleddscn7550Purple Mountain Majestiesscaleddscn7566Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

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