Vcon: Tofu Po'Boys

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon
I need to admit right off the bat that I didn't make the chipotle mayo or the coleslaw that goes with this recipe. Actually, the only thing I made was the cornmeal crusted tofu and then I added on the suggested sliced pickles... While the tofu was awesome (this coming from someone who doesn't tend to like tofu) One bite and it was quite obvious why the mayo and coleslaw were added. It's quite dry... even when loaded with pickles. I do recommend this recipe though (Scott & I both really enjoyed the tofu) but definatly slather on a moist condiment to go with it (I used mustard since I was in a pinch). Btw, those buns pictured are splet buns. They're deeeelicious.scaled.2867043382_039b4467de.jpg

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