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Season 1: Episode 35

Ron became plant-based after 70 years of compulsive overeating

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Today on the podcast, Lindsay interviews highly-requested member, Ron! Ron is here to share his unique experience of having an easy transition into the plant-based lifestyle after 70 years of compulsive overeating! Ron discusses his motivations for staying plant-based, how he deals with naysayers, his experience cooking for his omnivorous family, and much more on this episode of the Meal Mentor Podcast!

More about this episode:

  • What is the one exercise you must do to lose weight?
  • Could you unknowingly be using animal products? Tune in for some tricky culprits.
  • Lindsay and Ron share hummus making tips!
  • When is the scale helpful for weight loss, and when should you ignore it?
  • What if your family isn't on board? Ron details how he uses the meal plans as the only plant-based member of his family.
  • Ron explains why he's NOT plant-based to live longer. Don't miss this enlightening insight!

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