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Season 1: Episode 29

Part 2: Nikki switched from paleo to plant-based

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Don’t miss part two of this captivating interview! Lindsay and Nikki discuss why food is fuel, not fun! Nikki elaborates on how she changed her relationship with eating, and refocused her energy into fitness. Tune in to hear about the benefits of yoga, and how we can redefine the connection between our experiences and food.

More about this episode:

  • How an elimination diet can help you feel better
  • The truth about protein deficiency
  • Why Nikki doesn’t force her children to eat dinner
  • Why fitness supplements are a waste of money
  • How a plant-based diet aligns with environmentalism
  • Nikki's experience with finding help within the Meal Mentor community
  • The advice Nikki gives her kids on co-existing with omnivores in the school cafeteria


How Almonds Became A Scapegoat for California's Drought (NPR)

King Corn

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Meal Mentor Co-Pilot Podcast

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