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Season 1: Episode 28

Part 1: Nikki switched from paleo to plant-based and DOUBLED her weight-loss we

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In this part one of this interview, Lindsay chats with Meal Mentor member Nikki about how switching from paleo to a plant-based diet helped her lose 30 pounds! This mama of four discusses how she raises herbivore children, navigates food intolerances, and how she finds support in the Meal Mentor community!

More about this episode:

  • Why probiotics and enzyme supplements aren’t the answer to food intolerances
  • The funny comeback Nikki tells people who are convinced she doesn’t need to lose weight
  • The difference between being a socially acceptable weight vs. being medically healthy
  • The importance of raising children who are aware of where their food comes from
  • Nikki’s advice on helping kids overcome food aversions and expand their palates
  • How an online community perpetuates positivity and helps Nikki refuel

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