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Season 1: Episode 43

Dr. Mcilvena talks preventative medicine and the power of plants

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Lindsay is joined by Preventative Medicine Specialist, Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena to talk about her approach to healthcare! Dr. Mcilvena explains the importance of building relationships with her patients, how she encourages them to adopt a plant-based diet, and how to be empowered to take charge of your health on this episode of the Meal Mentor Podcast!

More about this episode:

  • Why are so many plant-based doctors men?
  • What is the health care/self-care iceberg?
  • What is the importance of a patient-doctor relationship?
  • A discussion about prevention vs. early detection.
  • How did Dr. Mcilvena come to a plant-based diet?
  • How can you recover quickly from injuries and illnesses?

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Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena

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