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Season 1: Episode 1

Beth lost 80lbs, reversed PCOS and lowered blood pressure

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On this premiere episode, host Lindsay S. Nixon chats with guest and Meal Mentor member Beth! Beth shares how adopting plant-based diet helped her lose 80+ pounds, reverse her polycystic ovary syndrome, and stop taking her blood pressure medication! Listen in for the link between insulin and PCOS, how this lifestyle affects hair and nails, plus the roundabout way that a plant-based diet is helping both Lindsay and Beth get a better night’s sleep.

More about this episode:

  • The truth about detoxing on a plant-based diet
  • The immediate benefit that encouraged Beth to stick with it
  • The one thing Beth wishes she knew when she was transitioning
  • How to resist food temptations both in the grocery store and at home
  • How Beth’s new lifestyle has influenced her husband and parents
  • Plus more tips on how to make the plant-based lifestyle more doable!

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Meal Mentor Co-Pilot Podcast

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