5 Amazing Health Benefits of Detoxing Your Body & Mind

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Every year, I like to take a few days to honor my body and mind with a short detox program.

This year, I’m inviting you to join in!

Detoxing can help you lose weight, improve your energy levels, and start the new year off strong.

But I know it can also be a bit confusing, especially if you are just getting started with making lifestyle healthy changes.

So what exactly is a detox? And how can it help you live a happier, healthier life? Let’s jump right in and find out!

What Is a Detox, Anyway?

Detox, or detoxification, aims to help our bodies get rid of toxins, support healthy functioning of our organs, and give our immune systems a much-needed boost.

While our bodies have their own detoxification processes and systems, the modern world (especially the food industry) has made detoxing more difficult than it once was.

Many foods we eat today are engineered to be physically and chemically addictive.

People with high dopamine receptors can become addicted to sugar the same way they would become addicted to a drug, and the food industry knows it.

If you struggle with a food addiction, or just can’t seem to get rid of those impossible sugar cravings, this is probably why.

Fortunately, that also means going through a short detox program could be extremely beneficial for you.

Why Everyone Can Benefit From a Detox

Even if you eat a healthy, plant-based diet, taking a few days to detox and reconnect with your mind and body can be extremely eye-opening.

Every year that I’ve hosted a detox challenge, people have told me: "Lindsay, I didn't know I was feeling so bad until I started feeling so good."

Every time I go through a week of detoxing myself, I realize I’m not living as optimally as I could be.

Every. Single. Time.

The holiday bloat, the cold weather sniffles, the low-grade anxiety… These things often sneak up on us and become our new normal.

However, they don’t have to be.

Youdeserve to be your happiest, healthiest self inside and out - and I’m here to show you how to do just that.

Detoxing Is Not Just About The Body

Detoxing your mind is just as important as detoxing your body.

Because of modern technology, we are bombarded with a huge amount of information every minute of every day.

This affects everything from our stress levels to our self-esteem.

This year, in addition to following the Detox plan I developed for Meal Mentor App (available December 30th), I will also be taking some time to put aside technology and reconnect with what’s going on inside my own mind.

More on that soon - but for now, let’s jump into all the amazing benefits a few days of detoxing can bring you!

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Detoxing Your Body & Mind

1. Reprogram your body and mind. 

Our brains and bodies have been hijacked by the food and sugar industry.

Even the smallest amount of sugar and fat can set us on a path of compulsive eating and other unhealthy behaviors.

This can make it incredibly difficult for us to make changes to our lifestyle - even if we REALLY, really want to.

Doing a detox can help you rewire your brain and reprogram your body to make healthier choices automatically.

It is the best way to win the battle with food addiction and get rid of cravings once and for all.

Plus, it will make it that much much easier to stick to a healthy eating regimen after the holidays are over.

2. Lose weight.

Detoxing and weight loss go hand in hand.

By purposefully choosing healthy, plant-based foods (such as the ones included in my Detox Plan), you will be automatically lowering the number of calories you consume - without feeling like you are starving yourself!

Whether you have been on a weight loss journey for a while, or just want to make sure those pesky holiday pounds are long gone by the time February rolls around, a detox can really help you start the new year strong.

*The 2019 Vegan Detox Meal Plan will be available in the Meal Mentor App on December 30th. This plan (with 13 brand-new detox recipes) is FREE with a monthly membership. If you're not a member yet, sign up now to get the detox plan. Alternatively, you can purchase a PDF copy here (No membership or App required to buy the PDF). 

The 2019 Vegan Detox (Group Challenge) starts January 2! I hope you'll join me and the lovely people who have already RSVP'd yes. It feels so good to support each other in a new year of health. Fresh starts are best with friends! 

3. Increase your energy levels.

A detox can help youbattle the feelings of fatigue and lethargy that often creep up on you in the cold, dark winter months.

However, you should know that the first few days of a detox may come with increased fatigue as your body adapts to the new conditions.

But power through it, and you will be shocked at how much more energized you feel.

Last year, even I was surprised at how much more energized I felt after just a couple of days of detoxing.

Turns out, it wasn’t the holiday stress that was tiring me out - it was the food I was eating!

4.. Give your immune system a boost. 

The cold weather winter weather affects your immune system by lowering its defenses against infection.

Plus, when temperatures drop, we often find ourselves spending more time inside. With doors and windows closed, germs have nowhere to escape to.

That is why it is so easy to catch a cold now, especially if you work in an office environment or take public transportation.

Detoxing can help you strengthen your immune system and avoid catching a cold - even if everyone else around you is sneezing, coughing, and being completely miserable!

If you have kids, we encourage you to do a detox week with your whole family to make sure everyone’s as healthy as they can be.

5. Reduce stress.

Healthy body, healthy mind, right?

When we take time to consciously think about our food choices, we also become more mindful of everything else going on in our lives.

Even if you skip the mental detox component of our detox plan, simply being more conscious of what you put in your body can do wonders for your mental health!

How Meal Mentor Can Help

Are you ready for it?!

The 2019 Vegan Detox Plan with will be available onDecember 30th in the Meal Mentor App. This special detox plan is FREE with a monthly membership. If you're not a member yet, Join Meal Mentor now.

13 brand-new detox recipes are included.

I loved building this plan for you (and me too!) 13 Simple, plant-based recipes that will help you reset your body and mind while eating REAL, satisfying food. No boring plates of "diet food." These meals will NOURISH your heart, body, mind, and soul. 

Ready to reprogram your body in 2019?

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The special 2019 vegan detox plan is FREE with a monthly membership and will be available in the App on December 30th. You can also purchase a PDF copy of the detox plan here.

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