Tabbouleh Tacos, BLT Ranch Burger, Asian Falafels

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Heyyyy New York, Fusion is Fashion!

I’m bringing out my culinary flare in #FashionWeek spirit. 

(It’s Fashion Week in New York and Paris… I’m a baby fashionista….)

Your kitchen table is my runway this week! 

This collection of meals is totally trendsetting with “East meets West” as the focus. 

You’ll be dining in style with these must-have recipes: 

  1. BLT Ranch Burger (new)
  2. Mexicali Couscous 
  3. Bruschetta Stew    
  4. Very Verde Chili
  5. Asian Falafels
  6. Tofu Vindaloo 
  7. Tabbouleh Tacos (new)
  8. Kale-fredo 
  9. Pad Thai Pizzas
  10. “Golden Milk” Rice Pudding (new)

RAISE THE BAR at meal times

Unique but easy-to-prepare dishes:

  1. Tabbouleh Tacos: Mix-and-eat.
  2. Pad Thai Pizzas: Assemble and done-zo.
  3. Brushetta Stew: Dump in a slow cooker and go.

Everything else is a simple sauté or as easy as boiling water. 

Amazingly simple-to-prepare recipes that raise the profile of plant-based meals.

Just imagine when your coworker asks, “Where’d you get that?”

And you get to say, “I made it myself.” (so impressive!)

Redesign your diet with this meal plan.

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