Instapot Giveaway + Pressure cooker-friendly meal plans 😱 😱

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…

Pressure cooker-friendly meal plans 😱 😱

All of the weekly plans will have Instapot recipes this month!

These are legit pressure cooker recipes too, meaning you make the whole meal IN your Instapot (or other pressure cooker).

No starting somewhere else and finishing in the IP...

To kick this month of pressure cookery off…


Click here to read more and enter to win an Instapot.

Is your Instapot still sitting in the box?

Signing up for a month of pressure cooker-friendly meal plans will make you finally use it.

Start your first month of membership right here.

And if you’ve been using your Instapot (or pressure cooker) to cook beans, grains, potatoes and other vegetables… but you know you’re not using it to it’s full potential…

You’ll really love these legit pressure cooker recipes.

Instead of using your Instapot to only make “ingredients” in still another recipe you have to prepare…

Prepare it all in the Instapot in 1 shot. Dump and go!

This week’s pressure cooker recipes are:

  • Instapot Tortilla Soup
  • Indian-Spiced Potatoes (my favorite!)

Other meals on the plan this week:

  • Winter rice salad
  • Smoky Zucchini Cakes
  • Italiano Couscous
  • Pho-ghetti
  • Moroccan shepherd’s pie

Like me, you probably thought buying a Instapot would make your life easier…

But it didn’t come with directions for how to make it fit your life.

These meal plans with pressure cooker recipes will show you how to do just that.

Start your first month of membership right here.

Enjoy 4 weeks of Instapot inspiration…

The simple healthy meals you love now made in your Instapot.

**Regular stove top directions are also included :)

Imagine how happy you’ll be to finally get a full range of use out of your pressure cooker!

You know you want to get more use out of your Instapot. I can help.

Start your meal plan membership right here (instapot cooking options!)

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