I once spent $33.33 on a 1-day juice cleanse…

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Everyone I know goes on a detox or cleanse for the new year, and don't we all need one? Don't we need to purify ourselves with $6.99 green juices?

Yes… and no.

Our bodies already have mechanisms to detox; they are called our livers and kidneys.

Green juice will not purify you. 

Especially if you turn around and go face down in a pile of nachos because you've juiced for the last 12 hours and are so starving your brain is about to stop working.

That actually happened to me… 

I once spent $33.33 on a 1-day juice cleanse… 

...and then $13.99 on pizza delivery that night. 😂  😂

If you need a reset, learn from my mistake:

Eat real, SATISFYING foods. 

Simple clean eats that help your body do its job.

The 2019 Detox Plan is filled with 18 simple, extra nourishing plant-based meals that are specifically designed to aid in the natural detox and rejuvenation process.

Say bye-bye to inflammation and bloating! 

Get the 2019 Detox Plan for FREE with your first month. 

Start your monthly membership right here.

The very notion of a “cleanse” or “diet” means that it is temporary and you will inevitably revert back to your normal eating and food choices that got you in this state.

That’s not what you want!

Instead of going through another diet or cleanse to lose weight this January

Commit to regularly eat well. 

It doesn’t have to be every day or every meal, just regularly. 

Getting simple healthy recipes delivered to your inbox every week makes that easier.

The key to breaking the cycle is to change what's normal for you. 

The complimentary 2019 Detox Plan will help you break the cycle this week.

Afterwards, the weekly meal plans will make sure you STAY in the habit of eating well.

Start your meal plan membership here

...or buy PDF here.

Having me do all the planning work for you frees up your time so can focus on the DOING part.


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