Do you want to win a free Instapot?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Do you want to win a free Instapot?

You're in luck!

Meal Mentor (my meal plan service) is giving one away for free this Thursday!

You don't have to have a subscription to the meal plans to win, but subscribers do get an extra entry!

Speaking of the meal plans…

You asked for it…

The meal plans will have pressure cooker recipes all month!

If you already have an Instapot (or other pressure cooker) at home…

But it’s still sitting in the box…

Signing up for a month of pressure cooker-friendly meal plans will make you get started.

Start your first month of membership right here.

And if you want to actually cook MM MEALS in the Instapot…

Instead of just using it to cook beans, grains, etc. and then using them as “ingredients” in still another recipe…

You’re really in luck!

Each weekly plan this month will include legit pressure cooker recipes.

Meaning recipes where you make the whole thing IN your Instapot.

(Other pressure cookers work too).

Imagine how easy that will make you life and how happy you’ll be to finally get a full range of use out of your appliance!

P.S. my absolute FAVORITE pressure cooker recipe will be on tomorrow’s meal plan.

Here’s a hint:

Oh, come on, you knew it would involve potatoes ;)

I make this flavorful in my hotel room when traveling. It’s so filling and flavorful!!!

Sign up for your first month of right here.

Get the current meal plan instantly and then the pressure cooker-friendly meal plans all month long.

And if you don’t already have your own pressure cooker…

Win one this Thursday!


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