What I Wish Someone Told Me About Meal Planning

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Have you ever been on the cusp?

Struggling, feeling just out of reach?

You can’t pinpoint the problem… it’s FRUSTRATING!

Meal Mentor can help get you going again.

I’ve been right where you are.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. (OK, maybe a little.)

I wasn’t spending my energy on the right things.


Here’s how the meal plans helped me:

  • Cooking became convenient (so I actually did it)
  • Portion control
  • Change in taste buds—I like healthy food
  • Extremely organized
  • Made complete switch to plant-based

Outsource the time-consuming planning to us.

Getting out of the unhealthy eating rut is too hard without help.

Here’s what you’ll get by becoming a VIP today:

  • Simple, healthy recipes every week
  • Extra accountability
  • A weight off your shoulders (outsource your planning)
  • Weekly Q&A with Lindsay
  • Community (supportive, non-judgemental)

The doors to VIP membership close TONIGHT.

We only open the doors to VIP membership 4 days a year and they
won’t reopen again for 3 months. No exceptions.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Here’s what you’ll gain by becoming a VIP today:

Benefit #1 Cooking becomes convenient

By outsourcing your planning and decision-making to us, cooking
goes from a time-consuming ‘chore’ to a quick and easy process
that fits your life.

Does that sound good to you?
If so, join as a VIP and save $48.88 today only.

Benefit #2 Portion Control

We take care of all the calorie counting, nutrient balancing, and portion control for you. You’ll drop inches and get unstuck without tracking, white-knuckling, “dieting,” or worrying. Feel satisfied on less food with the comfort of knowing you’re getting all the proper nutrients too.


As a VIP, you’ll also have access to our Weight-Loss Tracker (New!). You’ll be able to log your weight, see your daily progress, and set weekly reminders for extra accountability.

Before the mealplansI struggled with overeating. I thought I could gorge myself on healthy foods like kale, beans, and potatoes and those calories didn’t count. When my initial weight-drop from eating plant-based disappeared, I realized I was
simply eating too much.


You don’t get an award for eating too much healthy stuff. The meal plans help with portion control and resetting your hunger balance.

Does that work for you?
If so, take the guesswork out and use Meal Mentor.

Benefit #3 Cravings for healthy foods

We provide good-for-you versions of your favorite meals so you
have a smooth transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Instead of taking two steps forward and then two steps back,
you’ll crave healthy foods and stay motivated.


Is this something you want to experience?
If so, join Meal Mentor right here.

Benefit #4 Guidance

VIP membership includes a private Facebook support group and online forums. You’ll find daily motivation and a supportive place where you can comfortably mingle and get answers to ANY question you have about cooking, ingredients, or eating a plant-centered diet.

You’ll love the extra support and accountability this group provides.

By sharing our experiences without fear of judgment, we give each other strength and the courage to change.

You’ll have the confidence to make the complete switch to plant-based.

Benefit #5 Direct Access to me (Lindsay)

I make myself 100% available to VIPs in our private Facebook group.

You won’t find any other meal service with this level of accessibility.

Don’t miss out on this VIP experience.

The doors to VIP membership close TONIGHT.

Imagine this happening for you:

  • Cooking becomes convenient (so you actually do it)
  • Portion control
  • Your taste buds changing—craving healthy foods
  • Becoming extremely organized
  • Making the complete switch to plant-based

VIP membership is how you can have that experience.

The doors to VIP membership close TONIGHT.

We only open the doors to VIP membership 4 days a year.

If you don’t join now, you’ll have to wait several months to
become a VIP.

  • Benefit #1: Simple, healthy recipes (gluten-free, soy-free included)
  • Benefit #2: Extra accountability
  • Benefit #3: Mental relief (outsource your planning to us)
  • Benefit #4: Personalized support
  • Benefit #5: Portion control without calorie counting
  • Benefit #6: Weekly Q&A with Lindsay


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